Most Common Crimes in Florida

Criminal Defense

Share List Each year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) releases statistics on the crime in the United States. The FBI breaks the information down by the crime that was committed and the state, county, or town the arrest was made in. The most recent crime statistics we could get our hands on come from the […]

April 30, 2018

What Does it Mean When You Violate Your Probation?


Share List What Is A Probation Violation And What Happens In That Situation? Sentences are suspended and people put on probation in order for them to avoid jail time. This is common practice when it comes to misdemeanors, and it is also a very lucrative business for the city. Instead of having to house simple […]

March 29, 2018

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Traffic Court?


Share List How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Save The Day in Traffic Court When you’ve been given a ticket by a police officer it’s easy to believe that you don’t have any recourse, you just have to pay the fine no matter what. However, there really are some things that you can do, depending […]

March 27, 2018

Benefits of a Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer


Share List The Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney There is no denying the fact that being charged with a criminal offense can have consequences that can have substantial impacts in your life. Unless you have a criminal defense attorney, the system leaves you on your own and have to find your way through […]

March 26, 2018

What Happens if you are Arrested for a DUI a Second Time?


Share List What To Expect When You Are Charged With A DUI The Second Time Being arrested for driving under the influence the second time around is a little different than your first offense. The first time is bad enough, but all kinds of situations can develop if you are arrested again for a DUI, depending […]

March 21, 2018

Sexual Assault vs Rape

Sex Crimes

Share List One of the very prominent topics in America lately has been sexual misconduct, whether it is in the form of harassment, assault or rape. Sexual misconduct is one of those crimes that is more prevalent than what the public records may show, as a large percentage of these types of crimes go unreported. […]

March 18, 2018

What Is Money Laundering?

White Collar Crimes

Share List We all have laundry in our house. But we stick to laundering our clothes. There is nothing illegal about that, nor is it illegal to launder our money in our clothes. It ruins the money, but it is not illegal. There is another activity that not only ruins or “soils” the money, but […]

March 14, 2018

What Is Leandra’s Law?


Share List It is one thing to drive drunk when you are by yourself. But when you are an adult and you have responsibility for a child passenger and you have been drinking, that is a whole other level of problem. Over the last few years, many states have added additional penalties of child endangerment […]

March 10, 2018

What Are Internet Sex Crimes?

Sex Crimes

Share List There is little doubt that the Internet has flattened the Earth. The entire world has opened up for many of us in terms of communication, information and experiences that weren’t known 20 years ago. For those who don’t know the world before the Internet, the world has been their oyster. For all of […]

March 5, 2018

If I Plead Guilty, Do I Still Need An Attorney?


Share List OK, you got caught. You’re detained in jail, charged with drunk driving, or drug possession, or domestic violence. You are now reviewing your options, considering who you would contact for your one phone call. You spend the night and think about it. The next morning you realize that it might be better and […]

March 1, 2018