What Does it Mean When You Violate Your Probation?

Probation / Thursday, March 29th, 2018

What Is A Probation Violation And What Happens In That Situation?

Sentences are suspended and people put on probation in order for them to avoid jail time. This is common practice when it comes to misdemeanors, and it is also a very lucrative business for the city. Instead of having to house simple offenders using tax dollars, they become monitored and productive members of society, reporting frequently to a probation officer and paying fines. One misstep, however, could mean a probation violation. What does that mean?

Sometimes people are shown leniency by the probation officer and the court, but a probation violation typically means that a person’s probation is revoked. That means he or she would then be in jail serving out the rest of his or her sentence. The terms of probation are different for each individual, based on the case and even on the jurisdiction.

People that have been charged with misdemeanors involving drugs are often given periodic drug tests. People who have been charged with DUIs are made to attend AA meetings. While the stipulations of each case are different, one thing remains a standard. That standard is that all people on probation report and pay fines. As mentioned, it is about them being productive members of society and giving back to the community.

Community service hours are also often a part of probation. If a person violates probation in one form or another, the probation officer notifies authorities. A warrant is issued for that individual’s arrest, and again, he or she is taken to jail to serve out the remainder of his or her sentence.

While many people to complete the terms of their probations, there are also many who don’t. You would be surprised at how many people violate probation. That’s why it’s important for people on probation to know the rules and what is expected of them. Following those rules is a priority, and it means the difference between jail time and freedom.

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If you are on probation, talk with your probation officer to ensure that you are clear about all expectations. If you aren’t clear about something, ask questions. Most probation officers are usually nice, but they expect people on probation to be adults and do what is asked of them. Always be honest, and get advice about how not to violate probation. There are tons of tips that can help you, and they are all over the web. You want your freedom, so be sure you follow the rules.

If you have violated your probation, contact Pinellas Criminal Law. Our attorneys will defend you and fight for the verdict you deserve.