Reaction To Forced Mueller Testimony Lukewarm For Both Democrats And Republicans

Main / Monday, July 29th, 2019

It’s difficult to do anything but describe the recent Mueller testimony as an attempt by a few Liberal members of Congress to grandstand their way into American support for impeachment: an effort that clearly failed. Leftist news outlets were quick to point out how dry and boring Mueller was when put on the spot, and he didn’t exactly clarify many of the answers that Democrats were hoping to shed new light on.

That said, those on the right were quick to make an equally absurd attempt to diminish the veracity of the Democratic response to both the Mueller Report and the subsequent testimony. One Fox News headline reads: “Mueller testimony a disaster for anti-Trump media — seven examples of media failures.” 

But although the opinions of those on both sides of impeachment were hardly supportive of Mueller’s testimony, Fox News and other conservative news outlets are hardly unbiased — or accurate — when it says the performance was a disaster.

When asked to clarify his words regarding why his office failed to file a charge against Trump, Mueller reiterated that it wasn’t necessarily because evidence of those crimes doesn’t exist, but because a sitting president cannot legally be indicted for any crime. This was also the reasoning Mueller gives when refusing to provide his opinion on whether the president is actually guilty of the crimes in question. 

Conservative media and right-wing members of Congress continue to misconstrue those words even today, suggesting instead that we shouldn’t have wasted time and money on an investigation that couldn’t even lead to charge (even though it might in the future), or that Mueller obviously believes the president is innocent, and that certainly the proceedings should end any talk of impeachment. 

On this point Liberals have it right — the Mueller report does not exonerate the president of any crimes that are strongly implicit from the data within, nor does it do anything but infer that the real power to hold the president accountable belongs to Congress.

Unfortunately several polls also suggest that Americans remain divided on impeachment, and naturally along partisan lines.

Here’s what we know:

  • Mueller failed to file charges or indict the president only because he is legally barred from doing so 
  • This is also the reason why he says it would be inappropriate for him to publicly state whether or not he believes the president guilty of a crime.
  • The near-entirety of Trump’s inner circle collaborated with Russian officials in an attempt to influence our election.
  • Trump actively tried to obstruct justice, and ordered many members of that same inner circle to do the same.
  • Over 30 people have been indicted or arrested.
  • Many other investigations are still underway.