Will Trump’s Potential Impeachment Be About More Than Just Ukraine?

Criminal Defense / Monday, September 30th, 2019

Republicans were quick to slam Nancy Pelosi’s abrupt about-face on impeachment proceedings as absurd, unpatriotic, unproductive, etc. A lot of us assumed that the shift towards impeachment happened because we now have Trump’s own words as proof of his illegal actions rather than just the word of others. It’s not hearsay anymore, and that’s an important distinction to make. But is that all this impeachment will be about? …Ukraine?

That might not be the case.

Articles of impeachment are sort of like criminal charges. You draw one up for each illegal act you suspect the president has committed. In Trump’s case, we might be looking at one or two articles based on the Ukraine scandal — or we could be looking at hundreds, going back to his first days as president. Among them, we could see renewed accusations of sexual assault or we could see a return to obstruction of justice when Trump tried to stonewall the Mueller investigation.

In other words, this impeachment might amount to quantity over quality.

There’s also a big assumption that, while the House of Representatives will almost certainly draw up articles of impeachment (and soon), the Senate will acquit the president of all charges and keep him in office to face reelection next year. But it’s hard to deny that Republicans are acting sort of…weird.

They unanimously voted along with Democrats to say that President Trump should release documents on the whistleblower. That seems somewhat out of line with traditional Republican activity. On top of that, many Republicans seem to be trying to distance themselves from the president’s current line of nonsense: in particular, he recently said that his impeachment could lead to “civil war” in the United States. The crazy rhetoric is nothing shy of new, but the Republican response most definitely is.

Is it out of the realm of possibility that Democrats only moved forward with impeachment with the underground support of Republicans? After all, the Democratic support for impeachment went from pretty much zilch two weeks ago to nearly unanimous today. It could be that Republicans are just playing coy, hoping to capitalize no matter what the outcome of the situation in Washington. 

Trump has a way of intimidating those who would attack his character, though it be so easily attacked. He recently said that Kavanaugh should sue his accusers for their new round of sexual assault allegations, something that might lend insight into how he would react, were his own accusers to renew their own allegations if they came up during impeachment proceedings — which they very well might.