Representation in Dangerousness Hearings in Florida

The state of Florida has some of the toughest laws on the books for people who have been convicted of a crime. Among the most serious, and often least understood, are dangerousness hearings where people with prior violent felonies can be sentenced for violating their probation for something as simple as driving on a suspended license, and be sent back to jail.

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If you have been convicted as a violent felon in the past, and are on probation then almost any subsequent arrest can lead to jail time and the revocation of your parole or probation. It is important to act quickly when you become the subject of a dangerousness hearing. It is important to have an attorney on your side who understands the law and can aggressively represent you.

Working to Keep You Out of Jail

If you are found to be a dangerous felony offender of special concern in a dangerousness hearing in the state of Florida, then the court must revoke your probation. For violent offenders on probation, this means that even if you are charged with a relatively minor crime, you can be facing years in prison.

It is important to contact a lawyer immediately if you are charged with a crime and are on probation for a felony such as:

A Lawyer Practicing Exclusively in Criminal Defense

If you have been convicted of a violent felony and are on probation and are facing a dangerousness hearing following a subsequent arrest, hire an attorney who has built a strong reputation for success in Pinellas County. I only handle criminal defense cases, working to make sure that I stay abreast of Florida legal trends. I help my clients to consider every possible strategy to keep them out of jail.

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