DUI and Drunk Driving Defense in Pinellas County

The DUI laws of the state of Florida are constantly changing and involve many technical issues. Understanding precisely how officers make DUI arrests, the process they must follow and how evidence can be collected can play an important role in determining the difference between heavy fines, a suspended license or jail time, and having charges reduced or thrown out.

At the criminal defense law office of R. Lane Lastinger, P.A., I make it a priority to stay current on the developments in DUI laws. I explore every option when representing people in a DUI case, including thoroughly examining police officer conduct, seeking diversionary programs and arguing issues in court.

A DUI Attorney Who Will Work With You

Over the more than 17 years that my office has been handling DUI cases, I have represented vacationers to the St. Petersburg area, first time DUI offenders, individuals who have been previously convicted of a DUI, juveniles and clients accused of driving under the influence of prescription medication or narcotics.

I explore every option for you, including:

  • Examining the validity of the stop
  • Questioning whether the officer established impairment
  • Reviewing evidence and paperwork closely
  • Seeking diversionary programs for treatment or education
  • Reviewing videos of the traffic stop and arrest
  • Negotiating for reduced charges with the prosecution

When you have been charged with a DUI, you may face automatic license suspension, and for visitors to our state, that can translate into suspension of your license in your home state. I work with clients in both the administrative and criminal phases of a DUI case, and work hard to reduce penalties and restore your driving privileges.

More Than 17 years of Experience

I have been handling DUI cases in court in Pinellas County for more than 17 years, and that kind of experience provides insight into how to be effective for my clients. For Pinellas Country DUI defense, contact my office and schedule your free initial consultation