Representation for Burglary Charges in Pinellas County

Burglary is the act of illegally entering private property with the intent to commit a crime. Whether you are reaching inside an open window to steal a stack of CDs or breaking into someone’s house to commit a more serious crime, you run the risk of being charged with felony burglary.

At the law office of R. Lane Lastinger, P.A., I practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense, and work hard to achieve the best results possible in your case by creating compelling defenses that I can use in court. I have worked in Pinellas County for more than 17 years, which gives me strong insight into the court system in the area. I use this advantage in the resolution of your case. When you face burglary charges, call my office at 727.565.1259 or toll free 877.782.7151.

The Attorney to Call When You Are Facing Burglary Charges

The state of Florida has some of the strictest criminal laws on the books. The act of entering another person’s home to commit a crime, whether that is a crime of vandalism, theft or violence, can lead to mandatory jail time. Many people don’t realize that the act of stealing a firearm from a residence is armed burglary. A charge of this nature can subject a person to 10-20-life, and make him or her a violent felony offender of special concern, subjecting a person to a dangerous hearing for any subsequent arrest.

I have been handling criminal defense cases in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County for more than 17 years. I understand that most people facing criminal charges are simply good people caught in a bad situation. I work closely with you to put all options on the table from seeking a plea bargain to avoid mandatory minimum sentencing, negotiating with the prosecution and arguing your case in court.

Understanding Your Rights and the Charges Against You

Many of my clients underestimate the seriousness of a burglary charge. Because burglary is the act of illegal entry to commit a crime, it is always associated with another criminal charge, but often the burglary becomes far more serious than the underlying crime.

It is important to contact an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney to represent you in court. Not only can a lawyer help you deal with your criminal trial, a lawyer can also represent you in dangerousness hearings that may arise in the future.

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