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If you have been accused of violation of probation, you should hire a lawyer who is willing to aggressively defend your rights and prevent further prison time. R. Lane Lastinger is that lawyer. Whether your violation is because you failed to report to your probation officer or you have been charged with a crime, I can help. I have more than 17 years of experience that I have devoted solely to defending the rights of people accused of crimes in Pinellas County. I have the depth of knowledge to help you.

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My extensive experience allows me insight into methods to defend you against accusations of a probation violation. I will take the time to assess your situation and determine whether the violation was technical or willful and substantial. I can show the court what you have done to meet your probation requirements. The overall goal is to complete all of the terms for termination of probation so you are free to move forward with your life.

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Your rights and your future require personal attention. When you choose me to take your case, you can rest assured that it will get the attention it needs to be successful. I will not pass your case on to a less qualified associate. I will be there for you.