Helping Clients Who Are Facing Technical Probation Violation Charges

If you are on probation, you already know that there are strict rules that you must follow to avoid probation violation, which can lead, in many cases, to increased jail or prison time. Your choice of criminal defense attorney for a probation violation case is crucial to your future.

I am R. Lane Lastinger, St. Petersburg probation violations attorney, with more than 17 years of experience. Since I only practice criminal defense, and only in Pinellas County, I provide focused representation that can help minimize the damage of technical probation violations.

Types of technical Probation Violations in Florida

Technical probation violations are best described by contrasting them with substantive probation violations. Substantive probation violations are probation violations in which you pick up an entirely new and distinct charges. Technical violations are often seen by the courts as less serious, involving things like:

  • Testing positive for drugs
  • Missing meetings with your probation officer
  • Absconding or blowing-off probation altogether
  • Curfew violations

Whatever technical violation you are being accused of, I can help. I have experience working with the courts and the probation officers on behalf of my clients.

Representing clients in technical probation violation cases allows me to find creative solutions. In some cases, I have been able to convince the court to terminate the probation altogether in exchange for something like a slightly larger fine. Technical probation violations are a way for me to help my clients get into a better situation.

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