Pinellas County Criminal Defense Attorney Taking Out-of-State Clients

The criminal justice system can be intimidating enough, but the problem is made worse when you are facing criminal charges somewhere other than your home state. In most cases I can resolve your criminal matters without you ever needing to come back to Florida.

I am R. Lane Lastinger, criminal defense attorney, with more than 17 years of experience, including numerous cases with clients from out of state. I am comfortable and experienced representing out-of-state clients in the Pinellas County criminal courts.

Focused Criminal Defense

If you are coming from out of state and facing criminal charges in Florida, I can help. To better serve my clients at The Law Office of R. Lane Lastinger, P.A., I made a choice to limit my practice. I represent clients:

  • Only for criminal defense matters: Since all I do is criminal law, I have a firm grasp of the changing statutes and case law. This helps me provide the most focused representation possible.
  • Only in Pinellas County, Florida: I generally don’t take clients who are being tried outside of Pinellas County. This has been a real benefit to my clients who have come to me for out-of-state representation. I know how the criminal justice system works here, and I am extremely comfortable representing clients before any of our local courts because these are the courts I work in every day as a St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney.

This focus on Pinellas County criminal law cases helps me stay on top of my cases and get more reliable results for my clients.

Types of Criminal Matters

Some of the criminal defense matters that I handle for out-of-state clients include:

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